Throwback Thursday! Katie Abey Dec 13 2018

Meet the artists

It's Throwback time! This week our Throwback Thursday focuses on the wonderful world of Katie Abey. Katie has been represented by Advocate Art since 2014, and has humoured us throughout the years with her witty characters, clever puns, and vibrant colour palette. Katie's stand-out style has made her designs popular for all products and ages, suitable for Greetings Cards and Children's Publishing. Her illustrations for children's books have been well received by readers aged 0-5

Want to discover more of Katie's fantastic illustrations and enjoy her humorous hybrid creations? check out her online Advocate portfolio to see more! We did a short Q&A with Katie to find out what her experience has been like. Have a read below, and enjoy the images above. If you think Katie, or any of our other illustrators would be perfect for an upcoming project you have, be sure to get in touch with one of our artist agents

1) First Image you sent to Advocate, and was there a story behind it?
Advocate came to chat to me at New Designers in Islington where I was exhibiting my uni work. I had just started doing an illustration every single day and felt like I had finally found my 'style' and managed to get my sense of humour across in my characters. The first work I sent them were several of my daily illustrations including these frog twins!

2) First design of yours to sell - what design was it and who was it to?
Sophie sold two of my daily illustrations to Creative Tops who put them on mugs and got them in to Tesco! I couldn't believe it and drove to the nearest big Tesco to see them on the shelves and bought a trolley full to give to all my family members!

3) First live commission from a client; who was the client and what was the project?
The first live commission I had was to illustrate for 'Heroes of History' for publisher Weldon Owen. I had to adapt my style for this project which was a challenge but it was so fun to have a big, real life project to get stuck in to.

4) First time you knew you wanted to be an Illustrator - an image, a person, an exhibition etc..?
I've always loved drawing and when I was a child I used to love reading Jacqueline Wilson books and I loved Nick Sharratt's illustrations so much. I queued up with my Mum to meet Jacqueline Wilson and she signed my copy of Midnight. The whole idea of creating illustrations for books became a dream of mine from then really!

5) First Sample you received with your designs on - do you have a picture of it and tell us about the project..
During the first few months of being signed to Advocate I was commissioned to design a pattern for WH Smiths that would be applied to an ENTIRE RANGE of stationery! It was so overwhelming walking in to Smiths when it came out and seeing my illustrations on pencil cases, bags, pencils. I remember spending hours in there as a teenager choosing stationery and it just seemed like an outer body experience.

6) First time you were proud of a piece of artwork, what was it and why?
I was so proud when I got to design a cover for How to Capture an Invisible Cat by Paul Tobin. The book was such good fun and I love drawing cats at the best of times but I was mainly excited as I was going to be the illustrator for a book! My childhood dream had happened! Plus, it was for Bloomsbury too and Harry Potter has been my life since I was seven. The future started to seem like anything I dreamed I could make happen after this.

7) Back to the Present - what are you working on now?
The last few months my husband and I have spent so much time working on decorating our new magic themed shop, Punnydukes. The shop opened on 8th December and we are blown away by everyones amazing reactions to it!

Katie Abey was founded by our team of illustration agents, based at our UK and USA illustration agencies. If you think any of our artists are suitable for an upcoming project, be sure to reach out to an agent!