New Market Trends - Gareth Williams Dec 18 2018

Licensing Trends
Christmas is almost here, one week to go! At Advocate, it's important for us to know what the latest trends are, but also what the next trend might be. It could be a colour, an animal, an object, a theme, the list goes on! We're always keeping our eyes open to see what's trending in the Art Licensing world for Greetings Cards, Wall Art, Ceramics, stationery and more. In Children's Publishing, we like to see what characters are the current favourites too. 

We asked one of our talented artists, Gareth Williams, whose work has been popular for both Art Licensing and Children's Publishing. We wanted to find out from him what he thinks the trends of 2019 will be. Have a read through our Q&A with Gareth below and flick through the images above. If you would like to see more of Gareth's illustrations, check out his online Advocate portfolio

Our agents love to be out and about, and they'd love to meet with you to discuss what you think the latest trends are, and will be! Be sure to reach out to an agent to arrange a meeting, as we'd love to present you with our new licensing books for 2019 too! 

1) What are your main sources of inspiration?
Pretty much anything that grabs my eye.  From a movie to a print I see online or in a magazine. Sometimes ideas just come to me...genius I know!

2) Where do you look for upcoming trends?
I'd say my go to place would be Pinterest. It's a handy place to find inspiration and ideas also the magazine Uppercase is great for colour ways and designs. Living in London is a big inspiration too. I can walk around any part of town and see some really inspiring artwork.

3) What do you think will be the next big colour of the year?
I'm going to say...ocean blue.  But we'll sea! (sorry).

4) We've had llamas, hedgehogs, and sloths, but what do you think will be the next trending animal?
I hoping to see more Ant Eaters and as it's the year of the Pig they might be more prominent.

5) What is your studio space like? Are you more of a morning worker or a night owl? How do you decorate your studio walls?
I'd say my studio is pretty minimal.  I'm not a huge fan of clutter but often have a few books for reference points and ideas and then I have a board where I stick things too.  I'd say I'm an all rounder when it comes to my working day.  I really don't mind getting up early to work on a project and on the flip side I'm more than happy to work on into the night to finish an idea off or get to a point where I'm happy with the work I've done.

6) What has been you're favourite trending animal thus far?
Has to be the Sloth.  I think their way of life is something we could all learn from. Be chilled about everything and sleep more.

7) do you feel that certain trends take off in different parts of the world?
Definitely.  I recently went to Japan and some of the Characters and ideas would just look insane in the UK. There are some characters that are universal in their appeal though...fingers crossed for the Ant Eater.

Gareth Williams was founded by our team of Illustration Agents, based at our UK and USA illustration agencies. If you think any of our Great Available Artists would be perfect for an upcoming project you have, be sure to get in touch with an agent!