Meet our new Agent! Sam Groff Dec 19 2018

Meet the agents

Advocate Art is spotlighting one of our seasoned agents on the US team this week. Sam Groff works in our New York Office and joins our agency with experience in textile and pattern design, perfect for Art Licensing! Sam's creative eye allows her to keep up to date with the latest trends, perfect for greeting's cards, stationery, and commercial products. She also has an interest in Children's Publishing, specifically for our Middle Grade branch, which focuses on 5 Years to Young Adult. Want to know more about Agent Sam? Have a read through the short Q&A below. 

What part of the industry are you most interested in?
I love when I get to use my degree in Integrated Fashion Design to strengthen my eye in licensing and book illustrations. I think being able to spot a trend in fashion carries over to publishing and licensing allows me to give our artists ahead of the curve. I also love how decorative elements on clothing and textiles can be translated into visual narratives! Moving forward I also would love to expand our presence in the market for patterns and prints.

What’s the most gratifying part of your role?
When I see our work selling well in the stores, it’s a very gratifying experience. Whenever you see one of the many books you worked in on being displayed prominently in a bookstore or placing on a best sellers list, it’s so rewarding. You get to watch a project go from a small brief and grow into a fully realized product that people are just as excited about as you are. There is something wonderful about seeing beautiful illustrations that our artists worked tirelessly on jump off the pages of the book or card.

What did you do before working at Advocate?
Prior to Advocate, I was working as a designer which helps with the work I do now on a day to day basis. My background in design helps inform me on how our artists' work, and my eye for design ensures our artistic briefing is always on trend. I always loved customer service, and have a few years under my belt doing it. I always excelled in working with people, and making them happy which in turn, made me happy! Being an agent is a perfect combination of my skill sets, as I can inform the direction of artwork but also be open and available to client needs.

What do you enjoy in your spare time?
I paint, practice yoga and like to go dancing with friends.

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