Fly on the Wall - Why we do what we do Feb 26 2019


We've been talking with our Senior Agent, Yasmin, whose based at our UK agency about what made her become agent and how she developed her love of books! Have a read through below!

I think it’s fair to say that most of us working within the publishing industry would call ourselves ‘bookworms’ or ‘creatives’. We’re people that get lost in literature, experiencing the myriad of lives and adventures depicted in books.  As George Martin said “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”

And this love of adventure through literature, for me especially, began as a child – from story time at home with my parents, to on the carpet at school then in my own time on my bed with a bag of pick n mix. I would be happy for hours, going through book after book Matilda style – just without any magical object moving powers.

This hobby continued and led me to a degree in English Language and Literature where I gained a thorough understanding of the historical range of English literature and the development of the language. However, the experience that connected me most to the adventurous world of books – was my weekly reading session with children in disadvantaged schools as a Literacy Support volunteer. Not only does reading expand a child’s vocabulary, and help them learn to read and write, but reading aloud to children also helps them to understand different topics about the world and every day life.

Most recently I spent three years in Barcelona, working with children of all ages during and after school as an EFL Teacher. I spent a lot of time pouring through children’s books, resourcing flashcards and other visual material that would inspire and stimulate as well as act as a resource to extend students' learning. I now know what captures attention and sparks imagination and would design whole term modules on just one book. Good illustrations are a powerful communication tool instrumental in bringing a subject and story to life for both adults and children.

Here at Advocate we are committed to working with incredible publishers and talented artists to constantly generate new, exciting and available artwork that bring beautiful stories and texts to life for all audiences.  By choosing artists with outstanding ability and being fair and honest to all involved we have built a network of trust. We think it’s important that admist all the sales and media, we remember who we’re working for, who our audience is – who’s saying ‘mummy/daddy I want this one!’