A Trip to Toy Fair - February 2019 Mar 04 2019


February at Advocate was a pretty busy month. Reflecting back, our US Agents had the best time at one of the busiest fairs of all, Toy Fair! With rows and rows of exciting toy companies, our agents, Amanda, Sam, and Atlanta were fully immersed and learned all about the current toy market.

Aside from all the learning, there was also a lot of playing going on.  Seeing all of those toys, both new and old, really brought out the kid in me, said Atlanta.  These fairs are a great reminder of how growing this toy industry is. Not only are the classics still thriving, but also there are new toys being created each and every day.

Having just printed out latest licensing folio, we had a whole book of brand new puzzles to pass around. Samantha noted, I had such a blast working on this new puzzle folio. There is such variety and range in age, so there really is something for everyone. 

Missed us at the fair? No worries, our lovely agents are always planning new meetings, so be sure to reach out to schedule a time to see our latest work.