Drop in children reading for pleasure Mar 07 2019


Hearing this week that Egmont reports that a drop in reading for pleasure spurs us on as creatives to continue to make our books even more enjoyable, more amazing!

Advocate Art was founded as an artist cooperative, we supply illustrations for lots of art markets, but children's books are our speciality. We love books, we want to make them engaging, memorable and enjoyable and accessible. We want them to be trend forward artistically, the characters to carry dialogue like Tom Cruises or Olivia Coleman's and the art direction to be that of Danny Boyle; the colours to be as the high street fashion stores, the stories to take the reader on a journey.

Our position in the market competing with other agencies and freelancers makes us strive like most business to be the best, it's the competition that gives industries creative vigour and the consumers see the benefits by having better products on the shelves. In a way, I see this drop in reading for pleasure as I see industry competition, but now, it's for the child's time.

I could list here 10 reasons why reading to children is great, but we know that right, we are bookies. As a father of 2 I've done my time and then some, we all have seen first hand how great for our relationships reading can be and how much children get out of it, besides the obvious learning to read. I also know first hand the difference between an engaging book and one that sends them (and often you) off to sleep prematurely. The one that connects with that funny bone and the one that they never bore of and the one that flatlined emotionally. Even now in my 50's, my pop up book, "The Way Wheels Work" sits in my adult bookcase, never to be thrown away.

We have a cartoon pinned on the Agency notice board of a child playing a video game, his friend is holding a book looking curiously at it, the gamer says "yeah that's a new platform where you play the game in your head"

Great, beneficial, accessible products survive the test of time. Perhaps iPad's or parents busy schedules have taken a swipe out of time allocated for bedtime reading, which ever it is, those factors are out of our control. Our job is to continue to be more amazing.

Edward Burns
Founder, Advocate-Art Illustration Agency