New Market Trends - Kathryn Selbert Mar 19 2019

Licensing Trends

As we come into the middle of March, Spring is almost upon us, which means we have some more special occasions coming up too! We took this opportunity to find out what the next markets trends are for this month and the upcoming seasons. We had a chat with our wonderful artist, Kathryn Selbert, to see what she thinks is coming up. 

Kathryn is a USA based artist whose work has been popular for both Publishing and Licensing. Her whimsical characters have been perfect for children's books, specifically for 0-5 readers. Whilst Kathryn enjoys coming up with characters and story ideas for publishing, her designs have been equally popular for Licensing. Her designs have been seen on greetings cards, gift wrap, ceramics, wall art and more! 

Have a read through the Q&A below to find out what Kathryn thinks the next trends will be, and enjoy the images above. You can see more via her online portfolio too. If you think Kathryn would be perfect for an upcoming project, be sure to get in touch with an agent to arrange a meeting.

1) What are your main sources of inspiration?
I work from home so getting out and seeing the city/friends gives me a ton of energy to come home and create. 

Taking in the different fashion styles and personalities of people on the subway, public artworks around the city and going to shows featuring work from parts of the art world that aren’t similar to mine (art shows, ballet, theatre, lectures) really stimulates my brain.

In the slide, I’ve put together a collage of some pieces I loved at this year’s Armory Show that I keep looking back to for colour/texture. I’m traveling a little less these days but I always think back to what I’ve seen on past international trips.

2) Where do you look for upcoming trends?
Peers and influencers on instagram and twitter, magazines and reading the newspaper. I feel like there are a ton of sources around me that give clues to what is coming next. I also love going out and researching what products are out at various retailers. Trend reports I receive from clients are great reinforcers of what I’ve seen as well as going to trend shows (NSS etc).

3) What do you think will be the next big colour of the year?
I’m a big believer that there are fewer ‘new trends’ than trends that evolve. The nougat coloured trend, jewel tone and rainbow coloured trends from a few years ago seem to still be around with new complimentary colours added to keep them fresh. This year it seems like a pop of rich blue or a deep forest green is a really popular addition. I’m hoping that bronze will come back next! 

4) We've had llamas, hedgehogs, and sloths, but what do you think will be the next trending animal?
It feels like peacocks, dinosaurs and tigers are about to have a big moment but who knows! It seems to depend on what sells best initially. Then more pieces are commissioned with those animals.

5) What is your studio space like? Are you more of a morning worker or a night owl? How do you decorate your studio walls?
I recently moved to New York City so my studio has been downsized from a full office with a door to a desk in the living room of our apartment. My walls are covered with artwork with colours I love so I can look up and get some inspiration. Lots of neutral covered furniture so that my brain and get a break from thinking about colour.

The wall to my left is a full floor to ceiling view of the Manhattan skyline from one side of the city to the other. I love looking out and seeing the falcons swooping over the river and checking out what colour the Empire State Building is that evening.

I’m a morning worker - I try to get to my desk around 8am and go until at least 5pm. Until recently, I also worked in the evening but I’m trying to be better about getting away from my desk!

6) What has been your favourite trending animal thus far?
I feel like I have drawn so many dogs and foxes in the last year that I’ve developed an intense love of drawing them in all sorts of styles.

7) Do you feel that certain trends take off in different parts of the world?
Yes but it definitely feels like they migrate. I noticed a ton of specific fashion trends  that weren’t in the US when I visited Tokyo a year or so ago. I’m now noticing them gaining prevalence in the US market which is very fun to see. It seems like they come in waves and go back and forth between countries.