New LaB Idea - Julia Seal Mar 21 2019

Samples and spotted

For this month's instalment of new LaB ideas, we’re doing something a little different - we’re sharing an idea that was recently published by Peter Pauper and written and illustrated by the talented Julia Seal (and as always, with help from Collaborate!)

Julia Seal wrote and illustrated The Sketchbook, which follows a young artist named Lily. Lily loves to draw, especially at the local harbour. She draws everything she sees, from boats and fisherman, to sea creatures and children. She has a special eye for seeing things others don't. What may seem ordinary to most, can seem extraordinary to Lily. But because she is so shy - and better with pictures than words - she keeps to herself and hides her drawings in her sketchbook. Until one afternoon when a gust of wind changes everything!

Julia came up with the idea whilst on holiday, as she watched her daughter doodling in a little sketchbook she carried everywhere. From there the idea grew, and Julia herself - like the girl in the story, she feels that she’s found her voice through her art. And indeed that does seem to be the case, as Julia can now place herself amongst many other talented author illustrators!

Readers will enjoy the inspiring, touching story of a little girl who learns to come out of her shell, and moreover how a community can come together and lift each other up. Julia’s sweet illustrations and relatable heroine make this book a great read for children in the 0-5 range (especially shyer ones!). If you know a more reserved child or a budding little artist, you won’t regret picking up your own copy of The Sketchbook.

Above you can see a few sneak peeks of the story, but if you want to read the whole book, the story is being sold on Amazon now. If you want to hear more in general about Collaborate’s story ideas, please reach out to one of our agents! They’d be happy to provide more information via a meeting or an email, and they can also share more in general about our publishing folios, so write to us and schedule an appointment. If you’d like to see more of Julia’s work (and who wouldn’t!), make sure to check out her online portfolio!

Julia Seal was founded by our team of Illustration agents, based at our UK and USA agencies. If you think of our artists would be suitable for an upcoming project, be sure to get in touch with an agent!