Our Newly appointed manager Amanda! Apr 02 2019


For our latest blog feature, we sat down with agent Amanda, who manages Advocate Art from our New York office. Amanda joined the company just over 3 years ago as an intern shortly after finishing her degree at Parsons the New School for Design, and has seen her career as an agent blossom in that time. We spoke about how she came to be with us at Advocate as well as some insights into life as an agent.

What is a typical day in the office like for you?
I usually start my day by going through any emails that have come in over night - we are very much a global agency and work with artists around the globe, so as you can imagine I get correspondence at all hours. From there I usually am on a few client based or internal calls, and many days in the afternoon I have meetings in the city with various clients. Every day I also reach out to a variety of clients with work from our artists and inquiring about new commissions, so the day to day is very self directed and proactive. Additionally about once or twice a month I take business trips, so it can be that I’m out of the city potentially up to one week a month. Being an agent is very much a jack of all trades position, and it’s nice to have a lot of variation in what goes on day to day - between managing projects, reaching out to clients, and having meetings and trips there’s never a shortage of different things to do!

How did you come to work at Advocate?
The path to being an Advocate agent seemed extremely natural to me, as I received my degree in…Illustration! Whilst studying I found that I liked creating art, but what I liked even more was presenting, talking about and selling other people’s work. During my time at university I even wrote a review of everyone’s thesis project to drum up interest in our show, as well as running the social media for a pop up the students put together. Additionally I did a study abroad in Paris and traveled around Europe on my own, so when I saw the ad for the position at Advocate (working with artists, a sales orientated role that involved travel) it sounded quite literally like my dream job! I was very fortunate that the Advocate team also saw the potential and me and took me on as a hire shortly after finishing my degree. I started part time and within a few short months I was lucky enough to count myself amongst the best of them and call myself an Agent.

What is your favourite part of the role?
It’s hard to pick a favourite, as there’s so many things I love about this job, but I think my absolute favourite thing to see is an artist go from a new signing to an accomplished, gainfully employed illustrator. There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to develop an artist, nurture their talents and see them flourish. For many artists it’s their number one dream in life to see themselves published, and being able to make that a reality for them is truly the best feeling. It’s great to be able to pair together the perfect artist with the perfect client and see it turn into a stunning final product. I also immensely enjoy trend spotting on the licensing end of things, and it’s a complete joy to compile research from the stores and see it all come together into cohesive themes. I really love briefing artists, as it gives me a way to flex my creative side in the role. The feedback between myself and the artist while developing a new piece is both stimulating and enlightening.

What do you keep yourself busy with outside of work?
As you can imagine working with Advocate keeps me thankfully fairly busy, but I have lots of hobbies. I’m a huge history nerd, so I love reading articles about antiquity, art history etc. as well as taking trips to the museum (I’ve definitely been to the MET probably upwards on 20 times). I love antiques and tchotkes, so many a times on the weekend you’ll find perusing boutiques and stores in Brooklyn searching for interesting pieces. I also very much enjoy trying new bakeries, gouache painting, and exploring new parts of the city (especially with my Chihuahua mix in tow).

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