Our New Advocate Agent - Natalie! Apr 08 2019

Meet the agents

Advocate Art is thrilled to introduce our new agent who is going to represent Advocate artists in Asia territories through our partner agency, Yeon. This partnership allowing us to expand and grow even further with exciting new opportunities. To stay close with our Asian clientele, Natalie is based in Yeon’s Singapore office but has also worked remotely from US and UK office to spend time with the Advocate family. Natalie came with a fine art background in printmaking and design, as well as previous working experiences at gallery, museum, education institute and government sector.

Want to know more about Agent Natalie? Have a read through the short Q&A below.

Why did you become an Illustration agent?
As an artist and a teacher myself, I have always felt that it is my mission to promote art and creativity to people. I believe that being an agent not only enabled me to reach to broaden audiences, this is also a great way to know how art and business connect to empower each other. In addition, I just LOVE illustrations! As a book worm and a comic lover, it is a dream come true to be surrounded by all these amazing illustrations and to see them develop into publications and other products.

What’s the most rewarding part of your role?
The most rewarding part of this role is being able to be involved and supervise the whole collaborative process. It is really excited to see how each project develop from a simple idea, a raw sketch into a fully executed product. It is always very fruitful to see the physical product displayed and sell in stores. I love working with all ranges of projects from book and magazine publishing to puzzles, board game designs - every project has its own challenges but it comes with enormous fulfilment and rewards.

What qualifies you to be an agent at Yeon Agency?
Since Yeon focuses on promoting Advocate Art in all Asia territories, it is essential for our agents to be able to speak multiple languages and be the communicator across cultural barrier. I personally speak Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and English, and had previously worked at Taiwan education department as a translator. Also as a immigrant who has equally spend my life between the East and the West, I am able to understand and respect both culture so I can provide the best customer services accordingly.

What do you enjoy in your spare time?
I love travel to places that I have not yet been, the Earth is too big and I want to explore it as much as I can! I love spending time with friends and family to do fun things together.

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