Fly on the Wall - Alexina joins our UK Team! Apr 11 2019

Meet the agents

Advocate Art is excited to welcome another new and talented artist agent into the Advocate family, allowing us to grow and expand as an agency! Alexina, who is originally from Belgium and who works in our UK office, has previously worked for a gallery in Brussels and as an intern for a textile design studio in London, where she still does occasionally freelance work.  Her creative background, means she has a good eye for detail and is good at fitting artists to briefs. Having lived in Japan for 3 years, Alexina is fluent in Japanese, French and English.  

Why did you become an Illustration agent?
While studying my MA in Japan at Tokyo University of the Arts, I started to learn more about the collaborative process between artists, agents and galleries. I also had the honour to participate at a symposium where I advised Japanese lacquer-ware craftspeople on the European market trends and how to be more successful abroad. This sparked my interest in helping artists, particularly helping Japanese artists showcase their work in Europe leading me to do some work for a gallery in Brussels, assisting with the relations between gallery and artist. Through this job, I learnt just how much I love helping artists and how gratifying it can be to help them achieve their dreams. By becoming an agent, I’ve been able to implement this on a much larger scale, helping our amazing artists from all over the world work with our clients. As a designer and self-proclaimed bookworm, it is so rewarding to have a job that allows me to oversee and assist with various parts of the collaborative design process.

What do you love most about the role?
What I love most about the role is being able to build a relationship with our artists and to help them develop their styles. I also really enjoy going to meet our clients and helping find artists that best suit their briefs. watching projects develop from a concept and flourish into beautiful books is a really rewarding process and I can’t wait to do more!

What do you hope to accomplish here at Advocate?
Having a background in fashion textile design as well as art, I hope to bring some more decorative elements to Advocate’s artwork. There is a lot of correlation between publishing and textiles, particularly regarding trends and colours. I hope to bring a bit of insight and stylistic input from the fashion world into the world of publication and licensing. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?
In my spare time I enjoy going to galleries, cultural events and language exchange groups. London has so much to offer with all the great museums, musicals and performances available!