New Market Trends - Kat Kalindi Apr 14 2019


As we bounce into Spring, we welcome the new season with another round of New Market Trends. And what better way to do so, than with our newly signed artist, Kat Kalindi! Kat is an Australian based artist, whose diverse, vibrant and quirky style has been become another great fit for art licensing. Her designs range from Greetings Cards, Wrap, and Stationary, to Puzzles, Ceramics and even Wall Art

Have a read through the short Q&A below to find out from Kat what she thinks will be the next big trend, and also what inspires her wonderful creativity. If you'd like to see more by this talented artist, check out her online portfolio! Kat's style makes her great for a range of projects, so if you think she's a great fit for an upcoming project, get in touch with one of our agents today!

1) What are your main sources of inspiration?
Books, libraries, podcasts, the internet, my kids drawings, all kids stuff, stationery shops and random places!

2) Where do you look for upcoming trends?
I feel trends can come from so many places, so it's important to look everywhere from high fashion to the latest books and homewares. Trade shows are a great source for finding trends too, and visiting shops! A lot of the markets are merging with trends and their styles are evolving, so it's a lot of 'anything goes' these days, which is fun and exciting for designers!

3) What do you think will be the next big colour of the year?
Mmm tricky... I would like to say Lavender, but we just had UltraViolet, so it probably won't be that.. possibly bluey green colour!

4) We've had llamas, hedgehogs, and sloths, but what do you think will be the next trending animal?
Ooh that’s hard to say... I think magical creatures and jungle are always going to be evergreen with the juvie market, but I can see a trend towards middle eastern influences with camels as they can be accessorised nicely!

5) What is your studio space like? Are you more of a morning worker or a night owl?
I’m a morning worker, as long as I have a plan and not too many distractions! I’m usually pretty tired by night and can’t keep my eyes open much past 11pm, I really am a bit of a Nanna!

How do you decorate your studio walls?
Lots of colour and art, rainbows, toys on shelves and plants!

6) What has been your favourite trending animal thus far?
llamas because I made a cute llama pattern in a collection that got licensed into fabric!

7) do you feel that certain trends take off in different parts of the world?
For sure. In Australia, Australians animals are really trending, but I’m not sure how they go over the rest of the world. I’ve seen crocodiles becoming pretty popular in all different markets here, kinda bizarre and wonderful!