Artist Feature - Louise Forshaw Apr 15 2019

Meet the artists

As Advocate-Art continues to grow, we like to take a moment to appreciate our fantastic artists, who work so hard to create beautiful illustrations, for both publishing and art licensing. This week's great available artist feature is the wonderful Louise Forshaw

Louise has been represented by our agency since 2012, and has become one of our most popular children's publishing artists. Louise's style is perfect for our younger readers, particularly for those aged 0-5. Her illustrations are always bursting with colour, texture, adventurous characters and captivating scenes. She is a highly skilled artist, who is able to capture great detail and depth in her illustrations. 

If you'd like to learn a bit more about Louise, have a read through her biography below, and check out her online portfolio to see more great available art by this great available artist! If you think Louise is perfect for an upcoming project, get in touch with one of our artist agents too!

"Louise was born in 1987 - most likely with a pencil in her hand! Her passion for drawing started at around 4 years old. Nothing was safe from her coloured pencils! She spent most of her childhood watching cartoons and drawing comics to give to her favourite teachers. She went on to graduate from Newcastle College in 2008 with a BA Hons in Illustration and Animation. After leaving College, she volunteered at a local gallery where she was able to showcase her work and work alongside other artists such as Simon Donald, co-founder of the British comic magazine, Viz. Louise currently lives with her fiancé in a small town in the North East just outside Newcastle upon Tyne. She works from home in a small studio (and sometimes from the sofa) being supervised by three noisy and very naughty Jack Russell Terriers."