New LaB idea - Michelle Simpson May 13 2019

Samples and spotted

We’re in an exciting time right now at Advocate, because ahead of Bologna many of our artists started developing new LaB ideas with Collaborate, and we can’t wait to share them with you! Today we’d like to highlight the talented Michelle’s Simpson new book idea, Running Wild, which she wrote and illustrated herself. 

Running Wild centers around young boy Liam, and like everyone else, Liam has animal days. Sometimes his emotions get the best of him and his inner animal comes out to play. The wild wolf, the annoyed cat, the angry bear, the shy chameleon and the chatty bird, what animal will Liam be today? 

Michelle Simpson captures the wild side of our emotions in an entertaining and easy to digest way with her beautiful book, Running Wild. Michelle initially came up with the idea all the way back in university - it all started with a small doodle of a wolf boy chasing a sheep - in fact, the scene where Liam is running with the wolves still very much resembles that original sketch!

After this doodle she was inspired by the idea of having the same boy turn into different animals every time his mood or emotions changed, and she got to work on the manuscript shortly after. From this sketch the idea has slowly become what it is today, and should serve as a lesson - never great rid of a good doodle (even if it’s on a napkin)!

Running Wild would be an asset to any publisher’s list, especially Children’s publishers looking for a story aimed at readers in the 5 years to young adult range. Want to know more about this fabulous story idea? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our lovely illustration agents! To see more of Michelle’s lovey illustrations, make sure to check out her online portfolio, and if you’d like to see more artwork from Running Wild, simply click through above.

If you’d like to see more story ideas from our artists, we would be thrilled to share these in a meeting, along with our new publishing portfolios. Reach out to our agents to find out more and book an appointment with us.