New Signed Artist - Laura Borio May 28 2019

Meet the artists
Advocate-Art is always bringing new talent to the table! This week, we are proud to present you with our latest signing, Laura Borio. The newest artist to join our talented roster, Laura’s knack for dynamic compositions and contemporary style brings to life characters that will surely jump off the page. 

Laura is from Italy and lives in Turin. She started her illustration career studying comic book art then later pursuing a master’s degree in Digital Illustration. 

Her work lends itself to Middle-Grade books and her comic background is perfect for the ever growing graphic novel trend! Laura's work is refreshing and worth seeing more! Just reach out to one of our lovely agents! 

We'd love to set up a meeting with you to discuss the details further.

"I was born in Turin in 1986. As soon as my parents put pencils in my hands, I decided to try them on the kitchen walls (for my mom and dad’s joy). Now I no longer draw on walls but on any other surface, in fact, in addition to digital I love to draw and paint on wood and paper. In 2008 I attended a comic book course that changed my life and opened my mind since then I never stopped experimenting and last year I attended a Master's in Digital Illustration. Most of my days are full of drawings, but I also like watching fantasy movies, reading children's books, practicing Tai Chi, eating pancakes with friends and annoying my cat."