Breaking News: Katt vs. Dogg Makes Top Charts! May 29 2019


We are very pleased to announce that Katt vs. Dogg, the newest title commissioned for illustration to our amazing artist Anuki López and published by Little, Brown is climbing the charts!

The title featuring on Publisher Weekly's Bestseller's list has remained top 5 for the past few weeks!

A whimsical tale of rivalry between our two star characters, Molly, the Katt, and Oscar, the Dogg, who get lost in the woods while on a family vacation at Western Frontier Park decide to put aside their species’ mutual hatred to stick together and form a temporary alliance increasing their chances of survival. A great story with lots of food for thought and discussion, presented to our readers in short chapters, each with at least one black and white illustration full of magic and humour by our Seville based artist, Anuki López.

We’ve already had brilliant reviews on many platforms, but here’s one of our favourites from Kirkus Reviews:

Can that friendship survive the return, with all the social and familial pressures to resume the old enmity? A climactic cage-match–style confrontation before a worked-up multispecies audience provides the answer. In the illustrations (not seen in finished form) López plops wide-eyed animal heads atop clothed, more or less human forms and adds dialogue balloons for punchlines… A waggish tale with a serious (and timely) theme.”- take a look at the full review here.

We got to speak to Anuki about her experience working on Katt Vs. Dogg, and her collaboration with our lovely US manager, Amanda Hendon, who did a fantastic job helping bring this incredible project to life. And here's what she said:

"I really loved working on this book. It was an amazing experience to discover illustration for Middle Grade titles. I feel very happy and thankful to have had the chance to illustrate for the best-selling authors James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein. I also wanted to mention and thank the work of the amazing Amanda Hendon, who helped me understand all the steps of the creative process."

One of our ultimate goals here at Advocate is making sure all our artists are working on fantastic projects and successfully bringing their work to publishers on an international level, featuring our artists’ work in books that will sell and translate worldwide. We are very proud to be part of this collaboration with Little, Brown and Anuki López, and looking out for many more to come!

Reach out to our lovely agents to work with Anuki López and for more information about the illustration services Advocate Art provides.