New LaB Idea - Julia Seal Jun 20 2019

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We have exciting news - hot off the success of her recently published LaB idea, The Sketchbook, Julia Seal returns to us with yet another brilliant story idea! Her newest idea, titled The Plastic Monster, was developed with our sister studio Collaborate and delivers a powerful message to readers of all ages. A bit more about the story below:

Out in the middle of the ocean, something is growing... and the animals are not sure if its friend or foe. Layla has spotted it from her island home too. She knows something is wrong - but what can she do, she’s only a school girl! However, after a huge storm washes the ‘monster’ onto the beach, threatening the life of her dolphin friend, Layla knows its time for action.

The sweet story beautifully illustrates the serious issue of pollution and littering in a way that is easily digestible and understood for young audiences. Julia was inspired by the growing problem of discarded plastics. After reading an article about a whale who had died after eating 80 plastic bags, she decided she wanted to write a picture book on the subject to help explain the issue to children. Sometimes, she finds that environmental problems like this can seem so huge it's hard to see how, as individuals, we can help. This story will hopefully encourage children to believe that however small they are, everyone can make a difference. The future of the planet belongs to them after all!

Julia’s endearing characters, colorful scenes and inspiring story make her a perfect fit for children’s publishing, particularly picture books aimed at children aged 0-5. Want to know more about The Plastic Monster? Reach out to our illustration agents today for more information! You can also see more of Julia’s lovely art via her online portfolio. To see more images from The Plastic Monster, simply scroll through the gallery above. As aforementioned, Julia is also known for her title The Sketchbook, published by Peter Pauper this past March, as well as having developed her latest title, The New Slide.

If you’d like to see even more new story ideas from Advocate artists, we’d be delighted to meet and review with you! Get in touch with one of our agents today to find out more and book an appointment with us.