Spot the Sample - Carlo Beranek "Don't Eat Pete" Jul 28 2019

Samples and spotted

Here at Advocate Art, we are really pleased to announce that Don’t Eat Pete, Carlo Beranek’s first picture book, has recently been published by Maverick Arts! In this fun and quirky book, Carlo brings his humouristic approach and talent to turn greedy trolls into adorable friendly characters that we can guarantee will make you laugh.

We asked Carlo how he felt about being involved in a project like this, he couldn't be more excited:

“Working with Maverick Books has been a real joy. Ever since I was a child, I was heavily into drawing trolls, monsters and whatnot, so designing the characters for this book was like a childhood dream come true. I had great fun working on all the different emotions and expressions that you see throughout the book. Especially the pug's face'"

Where did you get your inspiration from for this particular book?

"Believe it or not, I still had some childhood drawings at my parent's house, which was a great source of inspiration when designing Uncle Boll. And of course, I follow some hugely talented folks on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook that help spark my imagination. My love of illustrated books as a child also drives my work; the part of me that enjoyed devouring uniquely illustrated worlds is still very much alive."

What were the challenges you had to encounter to complete Don't Eat Pete?

"One of the hardest things about illustrating a picture book is keeping the artwork consistent and having the endurance to complete the whole book to the same level.

I usually mix up the order in which I artwork the spreads. I'll start with the spreads that are the strongest to me personally, and go from there. That way I can get really into drawing and working within the world that these characters are living in."

At Advocate we like to guarantee that our artists are constantly working on great projects from publishers internationally that are translated worldwide. We are really proud to be a part of this collaboration with Maverick Arts and Carlo Beranek, and can’t wait to work on more projects with them!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our lovely agents to work with Carlo and for more information about the illustration services Advocate Art provides.