Artist Review - Nicola Evans Aug 01 2019

Featured Artists

This week we sat down with Nicola Evans to discuss her long and successful career at Advocate. Nicola is a veteran of the licensing industry, with over twenty years in the business. Her work has been featured on greeting cards on shelves all over the world as well as gift bags, wall art, and notebooks. Some of Nicola’s notable clients include Hallmark and American Greetings. Although she’s most known for her beautiful floral watercolors, her style is varied from adorable animals to abstract prints. She attributes this balance to spending every day in the studio trying out new ideas.

Her most recent commission is with one of her long-standing clients, Paper House, adding new cards to a lovely range she’s done with them titled Peony Rose. This is not just a testament to Nicola’s talent but her ability to maintain such fruitful relationships with clients over many years. The range features her signature watercolor, mixed with delicate lines and collage elements. 

Nicola’s process for creating new work is different, but she doesn’t rough out ideas in sketches. She starts with an idea in her head, then put down on paper then finishes it up digitally. One of the most rewarding parts of her success in the industry comes from a surprising source, her kids! She told us “ My children absolutely love spotting my designs on products when we are out and about!” 

If you think Nicola would be great for an upcoming commissions, please reach out to one of our agents today!