Adult Puzzles Aug 15 2019

Samples and spotted
One of the best activities for a rainy day is piecing together a puzzle with a group of friends and family members. Here at Advocate our artists are very fond of this nostalgic pastime and love to create new puzzle designs for our customers all over the world. 

Traditional adult puzzles are all about these lovely nostalgic scenes from the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s... Some of our favourite themes to illustrate are sports tournaments, busy market days, nostalgic wartime scenes, city and village life, summer and winter holidays, antique and bakery shops, car shows, and santa's workshop amongst many more!

Here's some insight on our most sought after traditional illustrators:

Simon Treadwell- One of our newly acquired artists from Image Source, Simon has tons of Christmas wonderland puzzle designs. Scenes of Christmas puppies and Santa flying over quant village scenes, he will surely make you reminisce on your childhood. 

Victor Mclindon - A fan of nostalgic scenes, Victor has mastered the busy car shows and wartime scenes working with highly praised brands in the puzzle industry.

Fiona Osbaldstone - She brings a softer tone to her beautiful puzzles highlighting little details with bright colour and patterns. 

Jim Mitchell - He has equally mastered the vintage look making intricate designs that are sure to take you hours to piece together. 

Alla Badsar- She is our Christmas puzzle master creating nostalgic scenes of Santa in his workshop with his little elves. 

Nigel Chilvers - creates works of realism, his puzzles of trains and railroads will make you wonder if they are indeed illustrated. His acute sense of detail and realism makes his work timeless.

Are you interested in commissioning a new puzzle piece for your new catalogue?- Check out some of our very talented traditional puzzle artists above and reach out to our lovely agents or email us at [email protected] if you have any submission ideas or enquiries, we'll be happy to brief out our artists and share some new and available samples for you to look at!

Interested in seeing some our top puzzle designs? Check out our custom lightbox here!