Tableware Products Aug 19 2019

Samples and spotted

Our Agents work hard to stay on top of trends, this month we're focusing on tableware. What better way to liven your home up then some amazing tableware products, whether it be plates, napkins or ceramics. All it takes is some amazing licensing art to make these products pop. We pulled together a fantastic set of new trend boards representing upcoming licensing trends in tableware products for you to be inspired by! Check out our lightboxes linked with even more examples of each trend below!

Très Bohème: a bohemian-inspired board with bright florals, sophisticated tile designs. With plenty of saturated oranges, blues and pinks it's perfect for that trendy living room that transports you to the summer evening on the Mediterranean.

Primrose Garden: a fresh look at the nostalgic country cottage. This features summery colors like sage and robin's egg blue. There are crisp botanicals, vintage teapots and of course plenty of roses! A perfect homage to the vintage countryside with an updated twist!

Art Deco: A classic style that doesn't fade featuring smooth lines and sleek colors. Embrace your inner Great Gatsby with geometric patterns, scalloped motifs, and shimmering gold details. Inspired by industrialization this style brings the architectural beauty of the Chrylser building into your home. This style is bold yet easily approachable for any home entertaining.

If any of these images catch your eye, be sure to reach out to one of our agents today!