Artist Review - Simon Mendez Aug 21 2019

Meet the artists

This week we caught up with Simon Mendez! Simon has been part of the Advocate Family for years and we’ve loved being a part of his amazing range of work! 

Simon has always loved to draw and takes particular pleasure in rendering images in exquisite detail often with an enchanting ethereal quality. He concentrates enormous efforts on conceiving mood lighting and creating compositions that are dynamic and engaging to draw the eye. Here at Advocate we often can’t believe the level of detail Simon is able to achieve!! 

As well as copious non-fiction titles, Simon has also done many adorable fiction titles featuring cute animals such as Muddy Paws, One Winter’s Night and I Love You Sleepyhead and YA Fiction such as The Storm Dog and The Snow Bear. Simon is an expert at capturing the emotion and connection between characters and his illustrations bring heart and warmth. Check out the Goodreads review of Muddy Paws here!

Away from the drawing board Simon likes to build pieces of furniture, has a passion for wildlife conservation and spends time exploring the wild world with his wife and kids and the dog.

If you think Simon would be great for an upcoming commission, please reach out to one of our agents today!