Spot the Sample - The Pope Twins "Joe's Bros and the Bus That Goes" Aug 21 2019

Samples and spotted

Advocate Art is really pleased to share with you Liz and Kate Pope’s latest project with SPCK Publishing: Joe’s Bros and the Bus That Goes. This book is the third in the series of Paul Kerensa and the Pope Twins’ fantastic collaboration of modernising classic bible stories. Their unique aesthetic and the use of hand-crafted details, makes their work stand out from the crowd and truly appealing to children!

"We feel so grateful to have illustrated our third book written by the fab and funny comedian, writer and broadcaster Paul Kerensa!
Joe's Bros is a modern twist on the bible classic story about Joseph and his Dreamcoat. Joe was his dad's favourite amongst lots of other brothers, he was spoilt with an expensive coat, and then taken on a rocky journey, until he realised what was truly important in life."

What was it that made this project so fun and interesting for you?
"We loved adding humour to the story with our drawings, it's always the tiny hidden details that catch peoples eye, and that's what Paul loves about our illustrations.

We were able to go that extra mile adding a double decker bus with satnav, a dressed up donkey and a cheeky toucan to an old classic, bringing things up to the modern day!"

What do you enjoy most about the creative process?
"Our illustrations are all hand-painted, and that has to be our favourite part of each project we do, seeing things in print, and knowing that each little face, nose and eye was all created with a tiny paintbrush!" 

At Advocate we like to guarantee that our artists are constantly working on great projects from publishers across the globe. We are really proud to be a part of this beautiful collaboration with SPCK Publishing and the Pope Twins, and can’t wait to work on more projects with them!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our lovely agents to work with Liz and Kate and for more information about the illustration services Advocate Art provides. The Pope Twins give us a little background on what this fun new story is about.