Frankfurt Book Fair 2019 Aug 29 2019

Every year, our lovely team of agents flies from all over the world to Germany to take part in the annual Frankfurt Book Fair! This year, we are so excited to announce that our European agent, Alexina Thielemans will be attending the show from the 16th to the 20th October.

Every October, Publishers, Agents, Authors and Illustrators come together to experience the world's most influential marketplace and cultural hub for everything literary. Not only do our Agents love getting to socialise with our clients and artists, we also love getting to meet new professionals who share the love for this creative field. 

At the fair, we get to explore what's new in the ever changing and evolving world of publishing. The work we see is so inspiring and insightful and we can't wait to share our 2019 experience with all of you! 

Are you attending the fair this year? Reach out to one of our lovely agents or contact [email protected] to schedule a meeting to review our latest portfolios and amazing roster of great available artists!