Artist Review - Jean Claude Sep 23 2019

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Jean Claude is a powerhouse of bright, bold creativity.  A self-taught illustrator from the UK he now hails from across the pond in New York. There he works from his Brooklyn studio and brings a laid back, creative flair to projects from across the Globe. 

Whilst Jean works digitally he keeps his illustrations feeling organic, uniquely textured and handmade. Primarily known for his playful scenes of animals and quirky characters his output is both accessible and engaging. Attributes that have seen his work span projects from biographical books on Mahatma Gandhi to a make your own monster kits!

A true trailblazer Jean has become one of the top earning artists of 2019 here at Advocate Art and we’re so proud! His 6 year stint with the company has seen him collaborate with clients such as Macmillan, Usborne, Galison Mudpuppy and Bonnier and has been quoted by Jean as…

“The best career decision I ever made!" 

His next publication, “My First Book of Space” is released by Arcturus on October 15th and focuses on a fantastic non-fiction journey through the Cosmos. It highlights Jean’s ease at creating beautifully engaging yet information illustrations. Don’t just take our word for it though, his previous books have been nominated for numerous awards and have seen him reviewed by leading commentators Kirkus and Foreward.

Check out Jeans work: HERE
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