New story idea from Amy Cartwright Sep 24 2019

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One of our favorite things to see are illustrators that are equally as talented as authors, and Amy Cartwright is no exception! The Advocate artist partnered with our sister studio Collaborate to develop their delightful new story, Spaghetti Girl! The story features around Ruby, a picky eater who will do anything to avoid spaghetti. Read on below for more:

Ruby HATES spaghetti. When it is served for tea, she is baffled.There are so many better ways to use spaghetti than to eat it.

Here are just some of the things Ruby likes to do with with spaghetti...

• write words with it

• lasso things with it

• make jewelry with it

• draw her favourite food with it (like lollipops and cakes)...

Ruby thinks the lollipop looks tasty, so she just has one lick. Mmmmmm, it tastes good too! Turns out Ruby LOVES spaghetti!

Spaghetti Girl is a fun story about learning to like food - a great read for the picky eaters among us! During the story, Ruby thinks of as many uses as she can to use up the spaghetti instead of eating it; and perhaps in all of her messy antics she may just get rather hungry, - what will she eat? Amy was inspired by her own personal experiences, not so much with spaghetti but her experience of the school lunches and ways to avoid the food that was served everyday. Beyond food, it's also more about how its always good to try something even if you are unsure. Amy's mother always gently encouraged her to try everything not just with food but with other things in life that she was afraid to and she's very thankful for that.

Amy's lovely storytelling and Ruby's relatable woes make Spaghetti Girl perfect for young readers, especially those aged 0-5. Want to learn more about Spaghetti Girl? Reach out to our fabulous illustration agents today to get more information! To see more of Amy's art (and why wouldn't you?) visit her online portfolio. To see more artwork from Spaghetti Girl, view the slideshow above.

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