New artist Marina Perez Luque! Oct 09 2019

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Introducing our new artist, Marina Perez Luque! We are thrilled to sign her on as one of our Advocate artists!! Her delightful artworks would be perfect for Children's Publishing, especially for young readers ages 5 years and older!

Enjoy a little preview of what our new artist has to offer, but if you'd like to see even more amazing artworks, just click through her full online portfolio!

If you have an upcoming project that you think Marina would be a perfect fit for, please reach out and get in touch with us! To learn more about her, read her biography below:

"My name is Marina PĂ©rez, a Spanish illustrator. Drawing was one of my favourite hobbies when I was a child, so when I grew up I studied a degree in Fine Arts in the city of Granada. Since then, I've been learning and improving children's illustration. I have worked mainly with publishers and whenever I can I collaborate in charitable projects. I think it's important to carry values through the illustration to children, for that reason, I try to reflect them in my work. I like to show kids who are brave and kind, who enjoy nature and respect animals. Also, I like to include diversity within my drawings, show them different realities so they can respect them. I would like that children enjoy my work as much as I do."