Introducing Will Drayson Jan 27 2020

Meet the agents

Advocate Art is excited to welcome another talented artist agent into the Advocate family, allowing us to grow and expand as an agency! Will, who is originally from Yorkshire and who works in our UK office, has previously worked as an Architectural Illustrator for Normal Foster Architects, he has co-run a small design Collective, and continues to work as a freelance Illustrator in his spare time, he studied Illustration and Animation at Kingston University.

He has a love for all illustrations including Children's books, and editorial,  but has developed a soft spot for Greeting Card design, after spending many years creating hand draw Christmas and Birthday cards for friends and family, and admiring new card designs in the shops.

Why did you become an Illustration agent?

Whilst sharing a studio with two friends - one photographer and one a graphic designer, we decided to make a small collective - taking on creative projects. I quickly became the main point of call for dealing with clients, schedules and building up client relationships, which became an enjoyable part of the creative process for me. Eventually, this lead me to contact a friend who I knew was an illustration agent to find out more about the role - I decided i really liked the sound of helping other illustrators find work, helping them develop their portfolios and match them with the perfect client.

What do you love most about the role?

What I love most about the role is being able to build a relationship with our artists and to help them develop their styles. I also really enjoy meeting our lovely clients and helping match them with the perfect artist. I also love getting a new artist and helping them build their portfolio up.

What do you hope to accomplish here at Advocate?

I love bold colors and pattern - I also love contemporary, on-trend art, so want to help keep the portfolios looking fresh, relevant.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Having grown up in the countryside in Yorkshire I always have an urge to get out on my bike and go explore. Apart from cycling, I have recently taken up rock climbing. I also have an obsession with hot sauce, and like to make my own!