Erica Salcedo - World Book Day 2020 Jan 30 2020


Secrets out! Our fantastic artist Erica Salcedo had been working on a secret shush shush project for World Book Day 2020. The epic, never before story of the Super Zeroes' first ever active mission as real life superheroes comes to you with the brilliant fun illustrations by Erica~ Kid Normal and the Loudest Library! This is a brilliant new mini-adventure in the bestselling, award winning Kid Normal series, exclusively for World Book day 2020.

Don't believe us? Check out The Guardian! Our fantastic illustrator, Erica Salcedo, has been featured in The Gaurdian. Kid Normal, written by Greg James and Chris Smith and illustrated by our very own Erica Salcedo, has been named as one of the "best new picture books and novels." The Guardian says, "Playful prose...,amusingly surreal super-powers and a trust-yourself message combine to a strong effect with Erica Salcedo's entertaining, hugh-eyed images."  Be sure to check out the full article here.

"Funny but flawed, this meandering adventure is an addition to the current crop of not-quite-superhero titles for middle graders." - Kirkus Reviews