New LaB Idea - Lucy Barnard Feb 14 2020


Hot off the press is a new LaB idea from Lucy Barnard. The Last Bit of Toothpaste is a wonderfully sweet bedtime story about a boy, his animal friends and a particularly stubborn tube of toothpaste! 

Lucy was inspired to write the story after having a tricky time with a very nearly empty tube of her son’s toothpaste. Everyone in the house had a bash at getting the last bit out! That was the catalyst for the story idea, with the menagerie of soft toys in Lucy's son’s room being the inspiration for all of Oliver's friends helping out. Lucy says that it's these personal experiences that are the best sources of inspiration with her two children often influencing her ideas. 

“I find that putting a spin on everyday situations really helps children relate to the stories.”

Lucy's sweet, playful characters make her a perfect fit for children’s publishing, particularly picture books aimed at children aged 0-5. Having racked up a nearly 20 years with Advocate Art Lucy knows the territory. With an armful of books published already, a new title Hurry Home Harriet coming out in February The Last Bit of Toothpaste will be the icing on the cake!

 'I loved writing The Last Bit of Toothpaste as it contains lots of action and fun and it’s always great to illustrate a whole host of different animals!'

We’ve popped a little - spoiler free! - synopsis for Lucy'sThe Last Bit of Toothpaste below:

'Oliver is having a go at cleaning his teeth by himself for the very first time. When Mummy goes off to answer the phone, try as he might, Oliver cannot squeeze anymore toothpaste out of the nearly-empty tube. One by one, Oliver’s friends offer to help him – from Frog jumping on it to Sausage Dog rolling on it to Flamingo dancing across it. But it turns out that Oliver might just need the help of someone bigger…'

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