What has the Advocate UK team been up to ? Feb 14 2020

Fly on the wall

What has the UK Advocate team been up to recently, I hear you ask?

Well, I can tell you - it's been a busy few months! 

Our team has traveled far and wide, meeting clients this month; our UK agent Alexina had a great time jetting off to Amsterdam to visit some of our lovely Deutsh clients, we were pleased to see her return with lots of stroopwafels.

Our agent Harry has been busy planning his work trip to see our clients on the other side of the pond, in Australia! We are not jealous at all... Dont forget your sun cream, Harry!

We had our Agents Bhavi and Will on a trip to the NEC to get involved in the Spring Fair, where they got to catch up with all their favorite clients and run through our new ... LICENSING BROCHURE - the team has been busy developing our new licensing brochure, with all new artworks lovingly crafted by our roster of talented artists.

We have also been hard at work selecting and helping develop a selection of amazing, brand new artists, who im sure you will get to see more of soon!

We had a great time at the 'Laugh Out Loud' Book Awards the other night, it's always good to have a drink with our artists and clients and let the hair down. We also went to the Anglia Ruskin Children's Book Illustration MA show to catch some new talents great new work.

Have a lovely week from - Team UK :-)