Toasting Advocate's success with 22% sales growth! Feb 19 2020


Amanda Hendon toasts the success of Advocate's change in strategy with 22% sales growth!

Changing the strategy of a world renowned art agency that is almost as old as you is a big gamble but it seems to have paid off for Amanda!

Amanda comments-

'"We have been hammering away over the past 2 years, and ever since I became the Global Manager of Advocate Art, business in the US, UK and Spain has seen significant growth. Our motto is:

Great Available Art from Great Available Artists

This means presenting you with work that you can use, from artists you can use. It has become ingrained in what we do here and has meant a lot of work and investment behind the scenes:

- artist availabilities shown on our website

- alternative artists on our website

- folios of available sample work, not already published work

- making sure we work with available artists

- making sure we work with capable, able and "great" artists

Our strategy is to reinforce why clients go to us, stressing the fact that Advocate Artists are pre-vetted, exceedingly professional and that the work is genuine and often ready to go. Plus the agents are here to help manage everything and be a fast resource for all our clients!

Let’s face it, we know art buyers can get art and hire artists from numerous web portals these days, so why use Advocate?  We hear there are several reasons for them doing so; for example, they have no idea whether the work they find online has been copied or previously published, or whether the artist is easy to work with, or even if the artist is available for commission. Suffice to say, going through us just makes it all that much easier!

By reinforcing our strategy Great available Art from Great available Artists - Advocate has seen strong sales growth - the result being happy clients and happy artists!"