Puzzles & Games 2020! Apr 14 2020

Samples and spotted

Hot off the press is Advocate Art’s new ‘Puzzle and Games’ portfolio for 2020!

It’s the perfect time to hunker down with a good Jigsaw or Board Game  So, whether you’re browsing, looking to license or eager to commission you can find a fantastic array of designs within our new ‘Puzzle and Games’ portfolio. Our artists have covered themes from cowboys, dinosaurs and unicorns to maps, traditional Christmases and cosy country cottages - all available and ready to go!

We’ve also included a ‘Games’ section that covers artwork for activities, board games and more! Cut out masks from Sophie Rohrbach to Spot the difference's from Lucy Makuc - Because we’re all going to reaching for something to keep ourselves (and the kids!) busy over the coming months

Remember, see something you like - Get in touch! All artworks are available to license and Artists are available for commission.

You can view and download a .PDF of the full collection: HERE