Artist review - Victoria Nelson Apr 17 2020

Meet the artists

One of our best floral illustration artists, this month's artist feature is none other than the brilliant Victoria Nelson! She's been represented by Advocate since 2011, and next year will be her 10th anniversary working for us! Where has the time gone?!

Throughout her time with Advocate so far, Victoria has built up her career working on heavily detailed, vibrant floral illustrations, which have been perfect for Greetings Cards, and Wall Art. Her work, though traditionally created in watercolour and gouache, has built itself to look sophisticated and commercial. She has worked on a number of projects for American Greetings, Noel Tatt, Original Poster Company, Art Marketing and WHS. We asked Victoria what her time with Advocate has been like, here's what she had to say:

"I am forever grateful to Advocate for getting me started in my career as an illustrator. Thanks to their guidance and patience when I first started, I was able to build a substantial portfolio and gain commissions that would have been impossible on my own or with another agency. Not only that, but working remotely for Advocate enabled me to realise a personal dream which was to move to Italy. A few facts about me: 

- Prior to becoming an illustrator I worked in conservation and restoration. I worked on-site and was involved in the restoration of plaster ceilings, stone and decorative interiors in churches and stately homes.
- I decided to move to Italy at the end of 2013 on a whim with no contacts and a one-way ticket to Florence. I currently live in the Tuscan countryside with my boyfriend Adriano and dog Betty. When I'm not working on commissions I spend most days wandering the olive groves, climbing hills and taking pictures to inspire me for my next project. 
- My other interests are oil painting, gardening, history and languages"

We can't get enough of Victoria's work, and she's currently working on some new ranges, so watch this space! Here's a few of Victoria's most recent work, and what inspires her, but check out her full portfolio! If you think Victoria would be perfect for a brief you have coming up, get in touch with an agent now!