3 LOUIE Nominations for Kathryn Selbert! Jul 02 2020


The Advocate Agents are super excited because our wonderful Greeting Card artist, Kathryn Selbert, is in the running for a Louie Award! Not 1, not 2, but 3 of her designs have been featured in this years gallery! These were commissioned earlier this year with paper engineering card publisher Up With Paper.

Kathryn's been with the agency since 2013, and over the years, she has grown to be one of our most popular artists. Her vibrant colours, delicate textures and fun characters have made her work perfect for both Book Publishing and Art Licensing

When is comes to greeting cards, Kathryn's diverse and commercial style is perfect for all occasions - whether it's Birthday, Easter, Christmas or Mother's Day, there's bound to be something for you! 

Take a look at Kathryn's full portfolio here, and you can see her wonderful designs nominated for Louie's here: 

If you have a commission coming which you think Kathryn would be perfect for, get in touch with an agent today!