Neha Rawat wins SCBWI Portfolio Showcase 2020 Aug 06 2020


A big congratulations to our talented artist, Neha Rawat, whose one the SCBWI Portfolio Showcase 2020! Neha has recently joined the agency in June 2020, and she has already been a hit with many of clients! She's worked with HarperCollins, Warren Publishing and Candlewick Press. 

Neha is based in India, and she enjoys creating cute and lively illustrations that would be perfect for younger children's books! Her characters are filled with emotions, and her minimal colour palette adds a contemporary twist to her work. Neha is also great at creating diverse characters, which is a big on-going trend in the Publishing world, as well bringing life to beautifully illustrated scenes too. 

Check out Neha's full portfolio on our website. If you think she'd be perfect for an upcoming project, make sure you get in touch with one of our fabulous agents! We'd love to arrange a meeting with you.