Lara Skinner's designs make the Papers ! Aug 09 2020

Samples and spotted

Our artist Lara Skinner's new mural wallpaper designs have exploded on social media, and have now been featured in multiple newspapers!

We were very pleased to hear an excited email from our client Wallsauce this week.

One of their clients was over the moon with Lara's designs for her wallpaper, she made a Facebook post on a home forum which quickly amassed thousands of followers, buzzing with like-minded decor fans wanting to know more about these jazzy marbled wallpapers.

Not long after the client's post, the images were featured on a reputable online home magazine, followed by an Irish and Scottish newspaper, the Daily Star, and the Sun. We can only imagine where they will be next !

"ON A ROLL DIY fanatics are raving about marble wallpapers saying they’re the quickest way to transform bland rooms"  - The Sun

If you wish to have a look at more of Lara's designs, have a look on her website below -> Lara Portfolio

Interested in purchasing these designs ? have a look on Wallsauce's website here : Wallsauce