Happy Artists Testimonials Sep 22 2020


It warms our hearts to hear our artists happy and flourishing! Happy artists make a happy agency!

Maybe it's our ethos, fairness, ability, creativity, trust, maybe its because we work hard to stick to it, and work even harder to find each and every artist as much exciting work as we can. We are growing 20% this year when we should be 20% down. We are constantly busy investigating, researching, putting portfolios of their work together, showing off their work to clients, winning exciting and sometimes career-changing projects. So when we hear about a happy artist we like to show it off! Here are some testimonials from our team of great available artists ! :

- “The agents at Advocate are great to work with. They are really helpful and always on hand to give advice on any project. It's good to know there's an extra pair of eyes to give feedback on designs before sending to the client. I'm excited for all the future projects and continuing to work closely with the agents.” - Gareth Williams

- “Advocate asked what my main aim was when I joined in 2015 and my answer was ‘to pay my mortgage!’ Well they have helped me do this and so much more. They find me interesting and rewarding jobs, ensure I always get paid in a timely fashion and give helpful art direction when it’s needed. My experience of the Advocate agents has always been good, they are helpful, understanding and great communicators.” - Lizzie Walkley

- “The global reach and knowhow of Advocate have transformed my career. They get me the best projects and the creative input from the agents has proved invaluable. Invoicing and payments are a breeze. I’m glad to be on board!" - Victor McLindon

- “I’m always so proud to say I’m represented by Advocate Art. I work with such a super team of agents. So personable, always on hand to help and not to mention the lovely and varied projects I am lucky enough to work on for some amazing clients.” - Charlotte Pepper

- “For many years I travelled the canvassed wastelands of the lone artist, crossing brushes with many demonic clients and knocking on many agency castles gates before returning to the long quest. Then in a lush land there arose before me a glittering palace that I did show my wares and Sir Ed did say "allow this illustrator in" and here I have been ever since, being allowed to grow amongst this family of artists and agents in this magical inspiring place called "Advocate".” - Mat Edwards

- “From the day I began my freelance journey with Advocate I knew I would never look back! The confidence and self-belief all the amazing agents gave me has enabled me to work with some of the top publishers worldwide on some really fabulous projects! I feel proud to be represented by such a great team of agents who consistently provide support and endless opportunities!” - Claire McElfatrick

- “Advocate made my career as an illustrator possible. They took me on when I had no previous experience, fast forward a few years and I have new and exciting projects every week with the best clients worldwide! And they are the loveliest people too - Victoria Nelson

Have a look at our team of artists and their work below. If you had a project for them get in touch, im sure it would keep them smiling!

Click here for - great available artists portfolios