Artist Review - Sara Ugolotti Sep 22 2020

Meet the artists

Sara started her career in Illustration some years ago but we’ve been lucky enough to call her part of the Advocate family since 2016. During that time she’s wowed clients with her beautiful, evocative illustrations full of majesty and magic. It’s no wonder then that she’s worked with a ream of top publishers including industry leaders Usborne, Penguin Random House and Bloomsbury.

14 awards & 14 exhibitions in 4 years!

Since joining the agency in 2016 Sara has been nominated for and won over 14 awards and has been featured in numerous exhibitions across the globe. When asked to try and quantify how many titles she’s worked on Sara replied… “If i counted well, more than 40 titles!” With many more still to come later this year!

I feel so lucky to have been working closely with the Advocate team over the past 5 years and on so many fantastic projects! I have been particularly busy from the beginning of this year as they gave me the opportunity to work on 14 projects with a range of products from picture books, collective books, jigsaw puzzle, educational volumes and non-fiction books and this really helped me a lot when facing the lockdown period of the Covid-19

One of Sara’s newest titles, The Girl and the Cathedral has just won the 2020 Maxy Award for Best Children’s Book of the Year! And when the reviews are as wonderfully glowing as this: "The illustrations, the overall feel page to page, and the attention to detail in this children's book is exceptional. It's what every children's book should have - every single page treated like it was the cover of the book" who can argue?

Sara says she loves to draw animals and fantastical characters from classic fairytales. Carefully considering the best way to represent both the protagonists and the mood and feeling of the story Sara says, “I truly believe that each single book has got its own soul.”

My process for creating new work starts from rough ideas in sketches and then color it up digitally but i like to fullfill the work with glims of analogic touches and give them magical and whimsical atmospheres.

2016 - Finalist – “Notte di Fiaba” Aladdin and the Magic Lamp written by Davide Calì , Italy
2016 - Awarded with the second prize at "Disegni al Sole Illustration contest ", Italy
2016 - Winner of the WWPBIC - Worldwide Picture Book Illustration Competition, Netherlands
2016 - Awarded with the "Judge Special Prize" at  JIA Illustration Award, Japan
​2016 - Selected for Exhibition at " Festival Verdi 2016" , Parma, Italy
​2016 - finalist at Golden Pinwheel International Young Illustrators Competition, Shangai, China
2017 - finalist  at "Disegni al Sole Illustration contest ", Italy
2017 - finalist of the international poster contest "To Death with a smile", Mumedi Museum, Mexico
2017 - finalist of the Little Hakka International Picturebook competition, China
2018 - finalist of iJungle Award International Illustration competition, UK
2019 - selected for the Annual 2019 - AI Autori di Immagini, Italy
​2019 - Silver Award winner - JIA Illustration Award, Japan
​2019 - CICLA Original Exhibition of 2019 Chen Bochui Children's Literature Award a Shangai, China
2020 - 3X3 Magazine  Merit Award in the Illustrator Professional Show
2020 - Winner - Best Children’s book of the year, Maxy Awards

Collective Exhibitons:
2016 - Museo Alto Garda, Riva del Garda Italy
2016 - Kasteel Groeneveld, Baarn, NL
2016 - Galleria Crocetta, Celle Ligure, Italy
2016 - The Hive Library, Worcester, UK
2016 - Rotterdam City library, Rotterdam, NL
2016 - Shanghai City Library , China
2016 - Bilderbuchmuseum Troisdorf Germany
​2016 - Creation Gallery Nihonbashi -Hakozaki, Tokyo, Japan
2016 - "Circuito OFF" Parma, Italy
​2016 - China Shangai International Children's Book fair
2017 - Galleria Crocetta, Celle Ligure, Italy
​2017 - "To Death with a Smile" , Mumedi Museum, Mexico
2019 - CICLA Original Exhibition of 2019 Chen Bochui Children's Literature Award Shangai, China
2020 - 3X3 Professional Illustration Show, USA

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