Big New Titles coming out soon! Oct 13 2020


Our artists have been busy this year working on some amazing projects, and we're excited to share that some of these fabulous books will soon be on book shelves near you! Here's what some of our artists have been working on:

Laura Borio - Remarkable Rebels, Wonderbly
A personalised book where you can choose x3 inspiring Heroes and learn all about them in this beautifully illustrated book designed for young readers between 6 and 10.

Mike Byrne - Who Pooed in my Loo?, Scholastic UK
When a little boy finds a poo in his family loo, he starts imagining who might have left it there. Was it a dragon? A unicorn? A dinosaur?! With every idea more exciting than the next, he can't wait to find the culprit. But who could it be?

Mike Byrne - Who Can? You Can?, Wonderbly
This sweet book is perfect for little ones aged 0-3 years. A personalised book which allows you to add in x4 challenges to celebrate those wonderful milestones as children explore the world around them and grow.

Diego Vaisberg - Creature Features, Salariya

The Creature Features series use simple but entertaining rhyming text and eye-popping illustrations to introduce young children to the animal kingdom.

Jean Claude - Save the... Series, Walker Books

These amazing non-fiction books published by Walker Books are a great way of teaching young readers how we can save our planet and eco-systems. The books delve into each location and give a detailed insight into the life there.

Chloe Dijon - Marguerite et Madame de Staël Tome 1: Un espion au Château de Coppet, Auzou
A brand new historical series that will take the reader on a journey through time! An endearing and daring heroine, ready to do anything to defend her friends. A historical context at the heart of the story, which gives a better understanding of 18th century life in Switzerland and Europe.

Erin BrownTales from the Forest, Stripes Publishing
Discover the animals who call the forest home in this beautiful collection of twenty original tales. A special gift to share with nature lovers of all ages!

Clare Victoria Wilson - Something weird!, KIZM
A family goes on a Safari trip and takes photos of many different herds of animals. Each scene has a unique animal like a tiger, mane, zebra with dots patterns etc. This new book helps the young readers increase concentration & observation skill while they are looking for unique animals.

Alida Massari - The Snow Queen, Salariya
A beautiful, all-time classic brought life with Alida's vintage style characters and mute colour palettes!

Be sure to keep your eyes out for these fabulous new books, in stores and online! If you'd like to work with any of these artists, get in touch with our agents