Sainsbury's Book Award Nominees ! Oct 22 2020


Congratulations to two of our great available artists for their books being shortlisted for the Sainsburys book awards !

First up, our fantastic artist Julia Seals' book "How Do you Feel" with Priddy Books has been shortlisted for the Baby and Toddler award !

How Do you Feel is a first book about emotions for young children. It is designed to introduce children to how they may feel in different situations and to help them recognise what these feelings are. Each spread follows four animal characters as they visit the doctor's, go to the swimming pool, and other scenarios. As well as a simple story to read, this book also allows children to discuss with their parents how they might feel by placing the face cards into a die-cut on every spread. The face cards are contained in a clamshell in the cover, so they can be used again and again as children grow.

Julia has had a great year with her other book 'Alone Together' being an Amazon number 1# best seller !

Secondly, our brilliant artist Marc Pattendens' book The Big Human Activity Book with Michael O'Mara Books shortlisted for the Learning and Development Award !

This innovative activity book includes brain-training memory games, intestine mazes, spot-the-difference searches, odd-one-out puzzles and so much more. Each puzzle explores a different part of the body and includes lots of fun facts to discover along the way. Children can find out about everything from where to find the smallest bone in the body to when you are most likely to need a poo.

Marc has also had an exceptionally busy year so far and we are looking forward to 2 more book releases with publishers DK and Arcturus

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Julia Seal

Get yourself a copy of both book's here :

How You Feel - Julia Seal

Big Human Body Activity Book - Marc Pattenden