New LaB Ideas from Advocate and Collaborate! Oct 28 2020


Here at Advocate we've always had a great relationship with Collaborate studio, and with them our artists are able to get self authored works published through their LaB book ideas; if you're not familiar with LaB, let us bring you up to speed! 

Advocate is an illustration agency, but our partnership with Collaborate allows us to act similarly to a literary agency; if an artist's dream has always been to write and illustrate their own story, Collaborate can make it happen. With an in-house team of editors and designers, they're able to help the artists develop their idea and manuscript, as well as layout the design of the book - essentially packaging the whole thing up into an appealing presentation ready for publishers to review.

Through our combined efforts and the LaB program, we've had many success stories - illustrator Julia Seal has been on the Amazon Best Sellers list more than once (for Alone Together and Real Superheroes), and the 100 Questions titles they developed with artist Simon Abbott has swiftly turned into a twelve book series.

With that all being said, we're now thrilled to announce a brand new portfolio filled with ideas from our artists, all available! Please click through here to review and if you're interested in any of the ideas, please reach out to us today!