Magic words for difficult times Jan 26 2021

Samples and spotted

Three of our artists (Sian James, James Newman Gray and Patrick Brooks) have had the good fortune to be selected along with 16 other artists from around the world to be part of a wonderful book with texts by Cristina Núñez Pereira and Rafael R. Valcárcel for the publishing house Palabras Aladas (Spain).

The book is entitled "Magic words for difficult times" and proposes nineteen solutions to nineteen problems that are common in these times of Covid 19 pandemic. And which can also occur in other difficult situations, although they have obviously become more common in recent months.

In the face of uncertainty, information. In the face of unexpected change, adaptation. In the face of powerlessness, solidarity. In the face of overwhelm...

"Magic words for difficult times" has been illustrated by nineteen artists, our Sian JamesJames Newman Gray and Patrick Brooks), have illustrated the texts referring to change, insecurity and despair respectively.

A must-have for this time of uncertainty, which relies on quality illustration to reach deep down.