Artist Review - Erin Hunting Feb 12 2021

Meet the artists

Erin Hunting is one of the great available artists here at Advocate! She is a Melbourne based illustrator and character designer who loves to create drawings for picture books and comics. In the past few years, her work in the world of comics has gained much recognition. Her bold and spirited illustrations feature fun, quirky characters and striking environments that really capture an audience both in books and on screen!

Since signing with Advocate in 2019, she has illustrated the picture book series The Tooth Fairy Vs. Santa, The Tooth Fairy vs the Easter Bunny with Penguin Random House, Catkwondo with Capstone Publishing, Labyrinth: Straight to the Castle with Insight Editions, and much more.

After the publishing of her recent picture book Catkwondo, reviews raved saying:

“This is a beautiful book… the illustrations are vivid and exciting.”

 “The fantastic, bright illustrations and well-paced story had me hooked.”

Really taking the comic world by storm, she has done comic covers for big names such as Adventure Time, Jughead, and Rick and Morty. She also wrote and illustrated a 10-page Garfield comic for BOOM! Studios and is currently working on The Loud House comics with Papercutz.

She has done much work with licensed TV shows such as Rick and Morty, where her piece was featured in an official Rick and Morty hardcover coffee table book, Riverdale, Bob's Burgers and Mattel. Erin has created character designs and worked in visual development for Nickelodeon, Will Smith, and Sesame Studios where her designs were aired in Abby's Amazing Adventures on HBO. 

On days when she is not busy in her home studio with her cat, Louie, you can find Erin browsing eBay to score another vinyl toy to add to her never-ending collection!

Published Works:

Puggle in a Muddle (2015) Ipoz Media (Australia.)

Garfield Search for Pooky (2018) BOOM! Studios (USA)

Sweaty Palms (2018) Independent (USA)

The Tooth Fairy vs Santa (2019) Penguin Workshop (USA)

The Tooth Fairy vs The Easter Bunny (2020) Penguin Workshop (USA)

Catkwondo (2020) Capstone (USA)

Fortress of Fear (2020) Maverick Books (UK)

Labyrinth: Straight to the Castle (2021) Insight Editions (USA)


Gallery 1988 (Los Angeles) 

Bottleneck Gallery (New York) 

Gallery Nucleus (Los Angeles)

Click HERE to see Erin's full portfolio!