Introducing Erin Tisdel Feb 19 2021

Meet the agents
Advocate Art is excited to introduce another talented artist agent from the Advocate family! Erin, who is originally from Detroit, Michigan, will be taking over our Midwest and Southern clients in the US. With previous arts management experience, she is great at navigating between artists and clients. Being a young artist who studied Modern and Contemporary art, she is up to date with trends and loves giving art direction to keep our portfolios fresh and relevant. 

Want to know more about Agent Erin? Have a read through the short Q&A below.

Why did you become an illustration agent?

I have always loved working in the art world but I wanted to gain more experience in the commercial, business side of things. I loved how this position allowed me to work so closely with both artists and clients. As someone who loves illustration, as a reader and a drawer, I felt I could combine both my work interests and personal passions as an illustration agent. 

What do you love most about the role?

What I love most about this role is working closely with our fantastic group of artists. We are a global community here at Advocate and that is something I love. Even though we are all over, I find the time to call my artists and really get to know them. I enjoy briefing them on new pieces for their portfolios and being a part of their creative process.

What part of the industry are you most interested in?

I am most interested in taking on more Middle Grade to Young Adult book projects. Being a fan of graphic novels myself, this year I would love to work on more of them. Talking with our artists, many have the same love of graphic novels as me. I’d love to turn our hobbies into reality. Advocate has a great presence in children’s books and I would love to grow that more in older aged publishing!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to draw and paint, particularly with oil pastels and oil paints. This year I have been dabbling in watercolor, too. When I am not making art, I am probably cooking, binging tv shows, reading, or on the hunt for old vinyl records. I also love taking my not so little puppy on walks through the parks near my home!