18 new products for Educa Borrás illustrated for some of our best children illustrators! Feb 25 2021


Educa Borrás met us in Barcelona 13th March 2020, the day before the Spanish government announced the lockdown in Spain that lasted until June 2020 due the pandemic of Covid19. It was the last in-person meeting for our EU Sales Manager, Adolfo. Since that moment we only have had Zoom meeting instead, lot of them but not real and warm ones. But we never forget that date, not only because of that but also because 18 really nice products began to take shape there, in the headquarters of Educa Borrás in the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona.

They were looking for few amazing, available and professional artists to develop the new products of 6 different series for different ages: MY FIRST 4 PUZZLES and BABY PUZZLES DINOS for 24+ months, STORY PUZZLE - DIDACTA® and ROUND PUZZLE for 3+ years and finally 4 IN 1 PUZZLES PROGRESSIVE PUZZLES and DETECTIVES' PUZZLES for the older ones, 4+. In total 18 new puzzles to be develop by our best artists.

Our proposal? We didn't doubt it. They right artists were Ed MyerKathryn SelbertJayne SchofieldGareth Williams and Sophia Touliatou. Crème de la crème of Advocate Art's roster.

The result? An amazing, funny and fresh catalogue of toys that promises to be a hit this 2021.

Would you like us to find the right artist to become your toy idea into a reality? Why not contacting us? We have 300+ artists willing to take that project and make your toy brand shine in the future toy shows around the world.

To whet your appetite, here are some of the designs available for jigsaw puzzles.