Gemser and their whole bunch of values books Mar 10 2021

Samples and spotted

Our clients are great, they do amazing children books and toys and we help them with the best illustration from great available artists. But there are some of them the are special and they do, as you can expect, special projects. And the lovely editors of Gemser do books full of good values for children. And it's always a pleasure for us and our represented artists when we receive a new brief with a new story that has to be illustrated. We received in our EU office in Seville, Spain, some of then last year and we would like to share those with you.

In 2020 we collaborated with that small big publishing house in 3  different books illustrated Dean GrayJulia Seal and Jon Davis.

Jon did Mateo Does it His Way, a book that allow children to play freely with their imagination, forgetting the rigid gender norms. Julia illustrated A Whole Bunch of Values, a book with 44 values to live by and finally Dean taught us the importance of  asking in Ask Before you Take, a cute picture book about overcoming shyness and taking care of the oceans.

See the booktrailers here:

Ask Before you Take

A Whole Bunch of Values

Mateo Does it His Way

Do you to share nice values like love, hard work, gratitude in your publishing projects? We love sharing, sharing our top children illustrators with our clients to create the most educative tittles.  Do you need some ideas? Have a look at out 0-5 y/o artist roster here. And don't hesitate to contact us to find out your agent in your territory