Upcoming Book Releases ! Mar 12 2021


We LOVE seeing sparkly, brand-new books illustrated by our artists on the bookshelves!

Having just had a world book day this month, we have been reflecting on all the amazing work that our talented artists have done last year.

And all the amazing new titles we are looking forward to seeing in print ! Here's a few new releases to look forward to below, feel free to click through to find more information on them !

Mike Byrne  - 4th March &  8th July 

Unicorns Don't Love Rainbows

Does a Bear Poo in the Woods?

Amerigo Pinelli - 4th Feb

The Flag Never Touched The Ground

Teresa Bellon - February 18th 

Ladybird Little Green World

Honeybee Little Green World

Max Rambaldi - 1st March 

Stunt Kid Seriously Stacks it 

Nikki Dyson - March 4th & 5th Aug 

Oscar the Hungry Unicorn Eats Easter

Nursery ? Not Today!

Giovana Medeiros - March 4th

Peep Inside How a Recycling Truck Works

Jessica Bretherton - 4th March 

Australian Animal Snap

Aquarium Snap

Louise Forshaw - March 12th

Busy Ambulance

Jean Claude - April 1st 

Look Inside the World of Bees

Erica Salcedo - April 29th

The Incredible Record Smashers

Pipi Sposito - April 30th

The Ultimate Football Joke Book

Diego Vaisberg - 10th June

Escape the Videogame

Cee Biscoe - 17th September

Beyond the Setting Sun

Check out all our artists here: https://www.advocate-art.com/artists and get in touch with your agent if you would like one of youre sparkly new books illustrating !