Meet Our Glocal Teams! Apr 08 2021


Meet the faces of our fantastic global team! We now have offices in the UK, USA (New York and LA), Spain and Singapore and our agents are here to help for all of your exciting projects, so get in touch with us - we don't bite!  Our team is built up of creatives who have experience working across the Creative Industry - from Galleries, to Children's Publishing, Educational, Apparel, Advertising and Licensing.

UK Team:
Harry Bloom - UK Manager
Bhavi Patel - Art Licensing Manager
Chris Herriot - Artist Agent - Advertising
Deb Millinship - Artist Agent
Will Drayson - Artist Agent

EU Team:
Adolfo Sanchez Flores - EU Manager
Christine Modafferi - Senior Agent - Italy
Marion Von Elling - Artist Agent - Germany
Alexina Thielemens - Senior Agent - France/Belgium

USA Team:
Amanda Hendon - Global Manager
Atlanta Japp - Senior Agent - West Coast
Erin Tisdel - Artist Agent
Vickie Savanella - Artist Agent

Asia Team:
Yeeun (Summer) Kim - Manager
Junzhu Guo - Artist Agent

Whilst we have to wait a little longer until we can meet in person, we're still here and are available to meet you virtually! So get in touch to arrange a meeting with us, we'd love to catch up with you.