World Leading Christmas Artists ! Jun 09 2021

Meet the artists

Our modern-day Santa has since had a bit of a detox, diet, and somewhat of a personality change since his inception; gone are the days of sipping Brandy over the fireplace, smoking his pipe, and creeping around the house.

So Santa.. what's new? Whilst we might not imagine Santa being any different from when we were little believers; Santa has grown up just as much as we have.

The earliest story of Santa originated from Saint Nic of now modern Turkey, Canonised as Bishop for his kindness and Generosity for Children in an era where these traits were hard to come by.

The Santa we know was later popularised by illustrator Thomas Nast's representation of the portly pipe smoking present giver to Coca-Cola's 1920's jolly red Gentleman that we recognize across the world today! 

Our modern-day Santa interacts differently, he's more magical, more sharing, and more of the spirit of Christmas! 

Our modern-day Santa comes in Surfer shorts, from multicultural backgrounds, he's gentle, understanding and caring. We understand the trends.

Our world-leading Christmas artists understand Santa

At Advocate Art we only represent the top Christmas artists - each having a wealth of knowledge on the Christmas season.

Our artists understand how to tackle any Christmas-related project that's sent their way - including how to create the most up-to-date Santa's for a Modern-day audience!

We work with all major Card companies, Tinware, gift, and advertising companies around the world, with our artists offering their broad expertise, they are easy to brief and jolly good to work with - all year round!

In need of a specific Santa scene? We provide photographic references for our artists by staging Santa photoshoots! (Its always great fun watching our colleagues in Santa suits mid-summer)

So why not pop one of our available Christmas artists on your Christmas project list this year!

Daniel Rodgers

Simon Treadwell

Victor Mclindon

James Newman Gray

Lisa Alderson

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